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Channel Stream Description
1-2-3 TV 290K Offers a broad range of products.
3Sat 441K 3sat offers 100s of interviews with people, focusing on what's going on in Germany and around the world.
9 Live 500K Phone-in quiz show.
Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin website Parliament Berlin.
ADAC TV 40K ADAC-TV is the Internet TV station of Germany's ADAC, the Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobilclub (General German Automobiles Club). ADAC-TV informs its viewers about traffic, travel tips, insurance, and everything around automobiles.
ADAC-Stauprognose website Traffic prediction for the coming weekend.
Antenne West 350K Regional television for the region: The Eifel, Saar, Mosel, east Belgium & Luxembourg.
AQUA TV 386K The watersports magazine.
ARD Sportschau website Recorded sport events available on website.
ARD Tagesschau 325K The most popular German news program on demand.
ARD Tagesschau website Recorded news.
Arte 260K German/French culture channel.
Astro TV 300K Astrology.
Audi TV 500K Audi TV offers original Audi content 24-hours a day, seven-days-a-week. Channels include Audi tv, Behind the Scenes, On the Rpad, Sports Center, Life and Style. Audi tv is available in German and English.
Auto Fernsehen website Short driving impressions of cars.
Bahn TV 700K Bahn TV informs about mobility and logistics via 24/7 live stream.
Bayerischer Rundfunk website Regional TV from Muenchen.
Berlin TV website Berlin Web-TV presents a 24 hours program including news and events as well as up-to-date features dealing with sightseeing, culture, hotels and shopping.
BerlinBrandeburg-TV 600K Regional TV for Berlin/Brandemburg.
BR Alpha website Educational programs from the Bayerischen Rundfunk from Mnchen.
Buergerschaft HH website Hamburger Parliament (sometimes online).
CamOrakel TV 564K Astrology.
Campus TV 330K TV from the Technischen Fachhochschule Wildau.
Center TV 330K Local TV from Koln.
City Vision website Local TV from Mönchengladbach.
Clip TV website Clip TV, a German Internet TV station, broadcasts live music clips from Black Music, Metal, Pop, Trash, Classics, and Rock.
CoswigTV 346K Regional TV from Coswig.
DAF TV 300K Financial news.
Del TV 2500K DEL TV is the Internet TV channel of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (German Icehockey League) and shows highlights of the games of teams of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga. The site is updated every Saturday and Monday around noon.
Deluxe Music TV 400K Music TV channel without moderation.
Der Schmuckkanal 500K Offers jewellery.
Deutscher Bundestag 600K German Parliament in Berlin.
DGF TV website Health TV.
DHD 24 TV 330K Interactive TV station.
Donau TV 300K Regional TV from Deggendorf.
Dresden Fernsehen website Dresden Fernsehen is a local TV station offering news and information about Dresden and surroundings including politics, economy, sports, culture, and events.
DSF website Recorded sports news (Deutsches Sport Fernsehen).
DW-TV 250K Worldnews channel / Deutsche Welle (not available in the USA).
DW-TV 256K Worldnews channel / Deutsche Welle (not available in the USA).
Eberswalde website Eberswalde TV is a regional Internet TV station for Eberswalde and Kreis Barnim. With " On Tour", "Barnim Journal", and other programming, Eberswalde TV informs about news, sports, events and everything that's happening in and around Eberswal
Eins Extra 328K Live from Mon.-Fri. / 14:00 - 19:00 H (German time).
Elbekanal 320K Regional TV from Schönebeck.
Elsterwelle website Local TV from Lausitz.
ERF website Christian TV station.
ERTV website Regional TV from Görlitz.
Euro 3 500K Regional TV from the Bodensee.
Euro 3 1000K Regional TV from Bodensee Ost und Ravensburg.
Euro 3 1000K Regional TV from Bodensee West und Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg.
Family TV website Family TV from Baden-Wuerttemberg.
FashionGuide TV 500K Fashion channel.
Findaway 150K Cultural alternative TV from Berlin.
Flott-TV 330K Local TV from Guenzburg.
Focus Online website Recorded news.
Franken TV 300K Located in Nürnberg.
Fresh 4U 400K Astrology.
Game TV 750K Previews from new computergames.
Gems TV 300K Bid on products from 3pm until midnight on
Germany TV 500K No description for this TV channel!
GIGA TV 690K Computer / Music station.
Greenpeace TV website Streaming news items available on the website.
Greifswald website Regional TV from Greifswald.
Greifswald TV website Regional TV from Greifswald (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).
Hamburg 1 website Recorded news.
Hamm TV website Local TV from Hamm.
Hamm TV website Local TV from Hamm.
Help TV 359K Help TV covers the topices medicine, psychology, law, finance, nutrition, esotericism, and more. Viewers can call in, ask questions and get advise and consultation.
Hessischer Rundfunk website Regional TV from Hessen.
HS TV website Regional TV from Heinsberg.
HSE 24 300K HSE24 is a German shopping Internet TV station that offers products from the following categories: collectibles, home, hobby & do-it-yourself, cosmetics, fashion, jewelry & watches, health & wellness, living & decorating, technology.
HSE 24 website No description for this TV channel!
HSE 24 Digital 300K HSE24 is a German shopping Internet TV station that offers products from the following categories: collectibles, home, hobby & do-it-yourself, cosmetics, fashion, jewelry & watches, health & wellness, living & decorating, technology.
Im1 TV website Music channel.
INTV 300K The infochannel from Ingolstadt.
ISW TV website Regional Program from Burgkirchen/Alz.
IT news website News for IT specialists.
JATV website Besides watching jaTELEVISION's Live stream, one can also select recorded reports, documentaries, travel reports and travel tips, movies, interviews, events in and around Stuttgart, and more.
Jena TV website Local TV from Jena.
Kanal 1 391K Regional TV station from Stollberg.
KIKA website TV for children.
Koeln 1 TV website Need information about Cologne and surroundings? koeln1's got it: local news, events, sports, stories, history, arts & culture, travel tips, and more.

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